About Us

Trackside Storage may have gotten a new name, but the business has been operating for years. The grandfather of owner, Destiny Ostrander, purchased this property in 1971 and started the storage business in 1993. Now Destiny and her husband, Thomas, are excited to be taking over the family business and serving you, our loyal customers.
Trackside Storage is located in the beautiful Puyallup Valley about 5 miles east of Tacoma. It sits next to Clark’s Creek and the railroad tracks with a view of Mt. Rainier.
Thomas and Destiny both graduated from Washington State University with degrees in education. Thomas played football for WSU as a wide receiver while earning degrees in both history and social studies and also got his masters in education administration. He is currently an assistant principal at a local high school. Destiny received her bachelor of science in kinesiology with a Spanish minor and has taught both PE and Spanish. Thomas & Destiny did their student teaching overseas in Germany then moved back to the Puyallup Valley where they both got jobs teaching. Since then they have had 3 daughters, Sofia, Isabel & Emmalee and 2 sons, Max & Luke, who love exploring their great grandparents old place by the train tracks (and keep their parents very busy).